About Us


We are a social solutions consultancy.

We work closely with our partners for worthy social causes.

If you are looking to explore technology based solutions in the communities you are working with, we would love to work with you!


To bring about positive change through technology based solutions. We believe in collaborating with our partners to find the best way possible to fill the gap in the communities they work with.


Use technology in innovative and efficient ways
Understanding our partners’ needs to complement their operations
Form a network between partners to create positive change

Our Work

We are social innovators who customise digital solutions for our partners through collaborations.



Through our pilot and longest running project ‘Digi-Eskwela’, we managed to understand several problems that the staff on the ground faced in the areas of transportation, classroom infrastructure and vulnerability to natural disasters. Through these observations, The Patatas created ‘CaseStudy’, a cost effective digital solution that is meant to operate in unfavourable conditions and yet retain its portability and customizability to the needs of the users on the ground.


Motivated by the need to introduce e-learning opportunities to disadvantaged communities and children in developing countries in Asia, The Patatas developed the idea of using tablets as a platform for educational applications and materials. The Patatas combined mobile technology and gamification in education to supplement traditional classroom learning to make the learning process more engaging.


We provide a range of services to help you and your community to reach their potential


We will assess your current situation to understand your communities needs and goals


Based on the assessment, we will recommend and propose a customised solution to suit your needs


We will work together with you to implement the project in your community


We will continue to follow up on the project and offer our expertise on your challenging situation



Our team come from various walks of life and age groups. Brought together by the need to do good and affect change in their sphere of influence and experience.

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Our Partners

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Tana River Life
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Tiwala Kids & Communities
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English Like A Native
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Lessons For SEL
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Just Keep Thinking
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Rainbow Connection
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English With Jennifer
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Republic Polytechnic
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Our Network

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Beyond Social Services
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