The Patatas – An Education Solutions Consultancy

A group photo of children from Bicol, Philippines

We envision a world where every child is filled
with never-ending curiosity and is inspired to
empower the next generation.

Join us.

UNESCO reports that nearly 260 million children worldwide do not have
access to education. In Eastern and Southeast Asia, 13.8 million girls and
18.8 million boys are out of school.

But access to schools is only the beginning. We need to strive for quality
instruction and learning
so that children can gain the skills they need to
thrive in tomorrow’s economic landscape.

A teacher using iPad and CaseStudy to teach 4 children

Whether you are an educator, an organization in underrepresented
communities, or a business, we’re here to listen and partner with you.

Tell us your stories, interests, and challenges; let’s work together to
improve access to education and quality of learning in your communities.

What we can do for you

English alphabet learning for ages
7 and below

Digital school in a box solution for
remote communities

This is our promise to you

We relate before we create

We practise kindness and empathy to build
meaningful learning solutions with you.

We go the last mile

Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there

We walk together to walk far

We’ll journey alongside you to create sustainable change and
leave behind a legacy. We’re with you for the long haul.

Do you see a need in a local community
that you would like to solve?

Wherever you are in the world,
let’s address it together.

Chat with us.

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