The Patatas – An Education Solutions Consultancy

The Patatas is an education solutions consultancy working to
create learning bridges in underrepresented Southeast Asia
communities through partnership and innovation.

We relate before we create:
We practise kindness and empathy to build
meaningful learning solutions with you.

We go the last mile:
Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.

We walk together to walk far:
We’ll journey alongside you to create a sustainable change
and leave behind a legacy. We’re with you for the long haul.

We honor our word:
We’ll deliver what we promise you.

What we do, we do well:
We’re committed to delivering quality work
in the services that we provide.


Tackling a problem as complex as the education crisis requires dedicated
and committed people who believe in our mission. We’re grateful to have
an amazing team alongside us.

Meet the team

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