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Standard kit


Standard kit


What’s in the kit

Raspberry Pi 3B+

Power Adapter (1m)

2TB Hard Disk

32GB SD Card

Waterproof & Shockproof

Hard-shell Case

Specifically for places with access to power source

Waterproof & Shockproof
built to withstand hard drops and wet weather conditions with our IP67-rated outer case

Works Offline
built for classrooms with no internet connectivity (Offgrid option available upon enquiry)

Connects Up to 9 WiFi-enabled Devices
allow multiple access to stored digital materials on kit
(Option available for more than 9 devices connectivity upon enquiry)

Accessible Up to 50 Metres Radius
in a big classroom

Caters to Individual Pace
allows for independent reading/streaming on own devices for high level of classroom engagement

Bring Your Own Educational Resources to More Places
store your own teaching resources, then take them all with you anywhere

includes instruction manual as well as video tutorials for all users

approx. weight of 1.65kg
  • Fully configured system by our team
  • 1-year warranty & technical support
  • High quality products that have been cross-tested for compatibility
We understand that different communities have different needs.
If you have additional requirements, connect with us.