The Patatas – An Education Solutions Consultancy

Digital school-in-a-box solution for remote communities
Tiwala Kids & Communities (Tiwala) – a non-profit NGO and
Social Welfare Agency, working among underprivileged
children and families in the Bicol Region, Philippines.

The Problem
Public schools in rural provinces don’t have enough
resources to provide students with access to digital content,
which limits children’s learning and technological
competencies that are necessary in the digital age.
Project Summary
The Patatas visited Tiwala to introduce
e-learning resources into Puro Elementary
School in Legazpi City. In that process,
we came to understand Tiwala’s unique
challenges and needs, such as unstable
internet connectivity and high data costs.

Through ongoing conversations with the
goal to address such issues, we co-created
CaseStudy, a digital school-in-a-box solution
that does not require internet or power.
Target Beneficiaries
Low income families who cannot afford to buy
tablets or computers for their children and do
not have internet access at home.
Introduction of technology acted as an incentive for
students to attend school
when education was not a
priority to some families.

Teachers reported improvement in overall literacy
and comprehension
as well as self-confidence of students.

Parents who were initially averse to sending their children
to the program began to request for their children to attend
the program
as they progressed.

Students who dropped out of school, but were enrolled by
the teachers into the program showed incredible
, by being in the top 3 in the class
by the end of the year.