International Rice Research Institute

The Patatas is always seeking new collaboration opportunities and one way is drawing inspiration from its sister companies under the Potato Production group. A team from Potato Productions visited IRRI in September 2014 to discuss collaboration ideas, run a creative workshop and to better understand the work they do.

The visit saw VastPotato, The Patatas’s sister company ,using Augmented Reality (AR) to create lightweight and mobile pop up rice globes for IRRI to showcase at the International Rice Congress 2014 that was held in Bangkok in October 2014.

The globes were available to all congress participants. It introduced the guests to Augmented Reality by getting them to download an application before focusing the camera at the globe. It then projected a map on their mobile phones’ screens which allowed them to look at rice statistics and data in a 3D spatial manner.

Data presented to the participants included, rice consumption per capita across 125 countries from 1960 to 2013 and IRRI content links to various IRRI gateways (website, magazine, etc.).

For more information about IRRI, please visit their website.

For more information on the AR rice globe, do take a look here.