Roving Readers

Roving Readers is a literacy program that seeks to inculcate the love of reading and story-telling in children. The Patatas helps various NGO partners to start small libraries for their beneficiaries and families. We also aim to increase exposure for local children’s authors by organizing read aloud sessions to disadvantaged children and fostering interest within the children through fun activities such as role-playing, games and drawing up their favorite characters. We believe that literacy goes beyond the basics of reading and writing. Literacy gives people the ability to connect with others, to comprehend and solve problems, to interpret information and make sense of the world. It is crucial to the individual and community’s well-being, as it can significantly impact a person’s life and improve it. The Patatas hopes to transform young lives and create a community of keen learners, one book at a time. Drop us a note if you are keen to be part of our journey of transforming young lives through books!