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Does Education Have To Be So Expensive?

Education cost is rising. The Patatas’ CaseStudy is a ‘school-in-a-box’ solution not dependent on internet or power, aims to bring education to low-income communities.

Starlink, e-learning and the quest for worldwide connectivity today

With the world’s information so readily at our fingertips, it’s sometimes a stretch to remember that not everywhere in the world has that same immediate, fuss-free access to the Internet. Africa, in particular, faces limitations to Internet access due to its abundance of rural and remote areas. That’s where Space X’s Starlink aims to change the game.

An interview with Hungry SciAnntist [5 minute read]

An Interview with Hungry SciAnntist Social media is an omnipresent force, permeating every aspect of our lives. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Youtube have become ingrained in our existence. Undeniably, social media wields immense power, capable of influencing countless individuals, and its presence is here to stay. However, its potential stretches far beyond mere sharing of personal …

Sal Khan — Inspirational leaders in education [5 min read]

Sal Khan – Inspirational leaders in education Khan Academy Logo Upon hearing the name Sal Khan, you may recognise this name. It belongs to the founder of one of the world’s top educational websites, Khan Academy. On technology in education, people often talk about Khan Academy. Maybe you may have even used it for your own studies. …

Innovative Agriculture Products Experimentations

Innovative Agriculture Products Experimentations The Patatas is interested in all things innovative and we are always exploring different ways to benefit under-represented communities through innovation. A little background here, The Patatas is part of Potato Productions and it houses several other companies specializing in various industries. With this unique environment, we often come together to …

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