The Patatas – An Education Solutions Consultancy

Why education?

For children in underrepresented
communities, access to education has
the power to change everything.
Nearly 260 million children are
out of school worldwide.

That’s 1 in 8 children. The majority of whom live in isolated rural
areas where education is a privilege.

On top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted learning for
even more children who do not have the means to learn
remotely. We can and need to change this.

Because access to education means a better future for the
generations of children to come.
The Solution
Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. We leverage technology to create educational
solutions that address the needs of the community.
Visiting an elementary school in Legazpi City, Philippines, we noticed they had two mobile
routers with 20 tablets for students to do online research. Browsing was slow due to unstable
connection and accumulated high data costs.

So our team asked the question: How do we make educational content accessible to places
with limited internet in the cheapest and most effective way?

Our solution: CaseStudy – a digital school-in-a-box kit.
A digital content management system that functions
without internet or power.
Zero Running Cost
Versatility of content
Digital library of resources
Highly Accessible
Safe and Secure
Cheaper replacement cost
Easy set-up
To each community
Zero running cost
Solar power available
Versatility of content
Audio and visual
Up to 30 devices
Digital library
of resources

Downloadable to
each device
Like a carry-on luggage
Highly accessible
Any phone with
Wifi capabilities
Safe & secure
private network

No online threats

Easy set-up
Little to no technical
experience needed

Cheaper replacement cost
Individual parts

For heavy handling
For harsh
weather conditions

One CaseStudy can serve a school or
community of up to 30 – 50 devices*,
within a radius of 50 meters**.









*applicable to any device that can connect to WiFi
**dependent on what is available for deployment
in the remote locations. Walls may affect signal distance.

CaseStudy broadcasting signals
Some partners & local communities who have
benefitted from CaseStudy:
Map of the World where CaseStudy has been sold
  1. Safe Water For Every Child
        (MaeSot, Thailand)
  2. Allianz4Good
  3. Kids Excel
  4. Tiwala Kids & Communities
        (Legazpi, The Philippines)
  5. Rainbow Connection
        (Batam, Indonesia)
  6. Tana River Life Foundation
        (Mombasa, Kenya)
  7. Southern Sudan Healthcare Organization
        /HELP for the Lost Boys
        (South Sudan)